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Price Guide

Here at Start A Comedy Club we have access to established and up and coming comedian’s and we can book any Comic currently working on the UK circuit. We can present acts from all spectrums of comedy to cover all price ranges, starting at around £50 per comedian for your pub/club venue and rising up to several thousand required for top TV named comedians for private functions. If you wish to discuss the booking of a comedian, or of a full comedy night show...

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Comedy Shows
A standard comedy show taking location and specific day of the week into account...

A show featuring 3 comedians would start from a price of £350 - £400

A show featuring all regular circuit comics, would rise to around £500 - £600

A show featuring the cream of the comedy circuit would start around £800 - £1000

Open Spot Night (New Acts)
Alternatively if you do not have the budget for any of the shows above, talk to us about our 'Open Spot' nights. At an arranged budget we will put on a night of comedy ranging from 5 - 10 open spots on a monthly basis. Joke Club comedy clubs like to support the up and coming talent currently performing around the circuit so these nights will be beneficial for both you and the new comedian.